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about us

At Ignite Technical Services, we strive to raise the standard of work in the repair and installation industry. We are a company that prides itself on honest work, trustworthy staff, reliable service, and knowledge that will support the multitude of appliances found in each and every home.


Ignite Technical Services is built on a belief that we can do better in the service industry. Families and homeowners alike need a reliable company to contact over their years of home repair and installation needs.


We commit to employing team members with vast experience in the gas and appliance industry because we know that efficient and trustworthy service really counts. We understand the inconvenience of issues with machines that are used in daily life with your family and we want to make sure we provide an exceptional service that you can rely on. Customer service is of great priority to us and we commit to doing our best to leave you feeling informed and valued.


Frequently asked questions

  • How does a repair work with COVID?  What pre-cautions are in place?
    With information from the Canadian Government, Local Municipalities, and the CDC we are deploying all measures possible to safely provide you home service. As this is an evolving situation we'll inform you of specifics for your visit when booking the appointment. All technicians must wear appropriate PPD to protect you, and them. During home visits, you may be present for the inspection/repair/service but providing 2m of space between you and a technician is required. All technicians that aren't feeling well are mandated to stay home, with pay. We ask the same of you our customers. If you have a booked appointment but have developed any Covid 19 symptoms please contact us and we'll adjust the boking to keep everyone safe!
  • I have a busy work schedule and find it hard to take time off for appointments, do you offer flexible service hours?"
    We understand the cost and inconvenience added to service provided only during regular business hours, and so we offer a flexible range of appointments. This includes evening availability to ensure we suit the needs of individuals with varying working hours.
  • Will I know the cost of your service prior to your staff entering my home?
    We realize the inconvenience of an appliance breaking is already stressful and so we are up front with our service visit cost prior to entering your home. Of course there can be fluctuations with repair/parts but we will never make these decisions for you. We commit to maintain an honest relationship with all of our customers, ensuring they are the decision makers of all repairs going forward.
  • Will I have record of the repairs/installation information you provide?
    In an attempt to simplify your ability to contact us for service, we offer an online portal where you book your appointments, you are also emailed confirmation of service date/time, invoiced with information regarding the service you received, and the ability to render our services through a secure online payment option.
  • How do I know your technicians are reliable?
    It is important to us that you trust the person entering your home and offering advice on your appliance or gas needs. For this reason, we employ only a limited number of trusted individuals with extensive service experience and years of positive customer feedback. We welcome any contact from customers with any concerns as we are always looking to improve the service we can provide.
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